Peatland restoration actions and dam building will take place in Lielas Pelečāres Mire and Cenas Mire in Latvia. Expected results in Latvia include a reduction of 37117 tonnes CO₂ eq. yr⁻¹ and 5076 ha positively affected land (Lielais Pelečāre Mire - 4946 ha, Cena Mire – 130 ha).

In addition to the aforementioned tasks, monitoring of CCM results from previous restoration projects will be continued Cena Mire Nature Reserve (“LIFE Mires,” LIFE04 NAT/LV/000196),  Melnais Lake Mire Nature Reserve (“LIFE Raised bogs,” LIFE08 NAT/LV/000449) and Sudas-Zviedru Mire in Gauja National Park (“LIFE Wetlands,”  LIFE13 NAT/LV/000578).